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I have always enjoyed being outdoors and drawing. As a child I had all the toys any girl would ever want and need but my greatest pleasure was when I had pencil in hand releasing my imagination onto paper. Much of my spare time was spent copying images produced by a  well known American Multi Media Studio. Infact by the age of eight I was pretty good at drawing a certain famous mouse very well.


Sadly pressure of study at school meant most of my time was used in different ways through my teenage years but I still had art class. It was here where we were first encouraged to keep a sketchbook to capture things and places that inspired or interrested us. This was again repeated when I reached uni where we were told to capture as much of the world around us as we could through sketching.


It has only been in recent years that I have really started taking some time out to sketch and want to share with you some of those sketches.



© 2013 by  Esther Semmens. Proudly made by Esta_sketch

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